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For Sydney-based producer, director, and photographer Victoria Carwin, the visual arts have been a lifelong pursuit and a family legacy. Originally from Moscow, Russia, she was raised in a family where “theatre and film came before breakfast”. She picked up her first camera at just 7 years old. Despite her film and television experience as a child actor and singer, she feels most at home behind the camera. She began studying the art of photography under her father’s guidance and experimenting with film at 13.


Equipped with a keen eye for detail and a distinctive creative vision, Victoria is an innovative filmmaker with a knack for turning concepts into realities. She takes pride in producing technically exquisite films that present dynamic and compelling stories. A meticulous artist, she oversees every aspect of the pre-, production, and post-production processes. With a professional background in music and vocals, she recognizes the integral role of sound in creating an immersive film experience.



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Australian-born and raised actor, producer, and writer Richard Carwin understands that success is the result of passion, focus and discipline. As an accomplished martial arts practitioner and surfer, he approaches each of his professional endeavours with the same mindset that has made him a successful athlete for over two decades.


Though Richard dabbled in the entertainment business early on (it’s hard to avoid the camera when your sister is Miss World Australia, 1993), his modelling and commercial work took a back seat to his love of sports. By the age of 16 he was a sponsored semi-professional surfer. On top of that, he is a three time Jiu-Jitsu Pan-Pacific Champion, and won the 1999 Australian Champion Title in Renbukan Karate. Earning a black belt in Karate and brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu, he learned the importance of training, willpower, and commitment. Surfing and jiu-jitsu are lifelong passions, and Richard always makes time to catch a wave or hit the mat. 


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