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Dick Slider

Premium tv series for your consideration

Title: Dick Slider
Created by: Victoria & Richard Carwin

Contact: PH: +61 416 432 797

Genre: Comedy-Drama
Format: Premium Streaming Series 8 x 30' 


Logline: Fresh out of prison, Richard Siedler needs to reinvent himself as Dick $lider to reclaim his spot at the top of Sydney’s cutthroat real estate market and win back his estranged family. But will transformation alone be enough?


Dick Slider is more than a comedy about real estate; it's a vibrant blend of family, ambition, and the sometimes-absurd human experience. Imagine the flamboyant humour of "Zoolander" and the competitive fervour of "Anchorman," set in the ruthless Australian property market. Targeting adults aged 18-55, this series offers a unique blend of comedy and drama, echoing the charm of "Entourage" and "Ted Lasso."

Development Status: Advanced. Completed writer’s room with Claire Phillips (RFDS; Offspring) and Felix Williamson (Avalon Now; Grey Nomads); outlined the season, all main characters, and detailed episodes. Ideas for Seasons 2 and 3 fleshed out.

Available materials: Show Pitch Deck/bible; teaser/trailer; detailed Pilot outline etc.

Older version of the pilot received professional script coverage in LA with all positive reviews (8 and above) facilitated by Studio Canal.

Media & Recognition:

The show originated from our online comedy skits Instagram channel Dick Slider @sliderguy currently SPA Awards nominated  for Best Online Production of the Year.

Target Demographic: Males and Females aged 18-55.

Marketplace Attachments: Currently seeking an anchor broadcaster/streamer in Australia;

Co-producers and Distributors (Worldwide)

Available rights: World

Show comparables: Entourage, Ted Lasso, Rake with a flavour of Burn After Reading


Proposed budget: (EST) AUD $750,000 to $925,000 per episode

FILMINK Interview with Creators. SPA nomination for Best Online Production Of The Year


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